2013 Goals

I’m not one to set resolutions. There’s nothing I need to “resolve” per sé. But I am slowly buying in to goal setting. They challenge me which my competetive side needs. All the experts say if you write your goals down, you’re more likely to stick to them. 

Go as long as I can without chips. 

Obviously this doesn’t follow the “SMART” plan for goal setting. It will be one of the biggest challenges. I love chips you see. I haven’t found a flavour that I don’t like (I may not buy them again but that’s different). Regular chips with French onion dip are my absolutely fave.  They have to be ruffled chips though when eating with them with dip. Don’t ask. 

Have at least one serving of vegetables per day.

I can hear you all now, “what?  You don’t already eat veggies every day?”  No I don’t actually. I’m a carb and starch freak. 

Go to yoga at least once per week. 

For me time. This is where I am able to let go of it all while working out at the same time. I always feel so great coming out of class – body and spirit.

Increase my patience levels. 

I get easily frustrated – with family, friends, colleagues, my dog, strangers. You name it.  They’ve pissed me off in the past.

Commit to my relationship again. 

It was a hard year for hubs and I. Neither of were happy towards the end of 2012.  But I love my husband. And I want it to work. So I am recommitting myself to making it work. I am not perfect and have lots of improvements to make in this area.

Really these are all just about being the “best me ever.”  I’ll keep y’all posted on how I’m doing. 


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