it's all about me; rescue dog; allergies in pets; eating bear poop; allergic reaction in dogs; allergic reaction in pets

If a bear craps in the woods…

Today was my last day of vacation. {insert sigh} My quasi plan was to re-introduce routine and drag my ass rise out bed before the sun, then caffeinate, finish my food prep for the week, put together the DIY I’ve been working on, restore order to my house and create in my little space here in the interwebs before shutting my eyes again. The Beast on the other hand? She had different plans.

Every day for almost two full weeks Ms. Lois has been spoiled with long hikes in the woods behind us and she looooooooves it. I’ve enjoyed it as much as she has. We don’t leash her as she’s pretty good to stay within semi-view; that is until she sees a deer. You can then expect her return anywhere from 8 and 28 minutes later as she attempts to herd it.

it's all about me; rescue dog; allergies in pets; eating bear poop; allergic reaction in dogs; allergic reaction in pets; hike; winter playground; winter hiking

Hubs was actually home yesterday and did the late afternoon/evening walk. She burst for the path like Usain Bolt out of his starting blocks, happy to be free. She buried her head in the snow and zoomed by with sticks that were more like saplings ripped from the frozen earth.  Shortly after their return the head shaking began.

{queue allergy attack}

Allergic reactions aren’t anything new to us. We’ve been doing our best to manage her food and seasonal allergies with our vet since adopting her almost a year ago. However it wasn’t long before she was going berserk. Like crawling out of her skin crazy. She was up and down the stairs; crying to get outside then barking to get back in. This was a whole new level of attack for us.

At 10:00 pm we gave her a 2nd dose of Benadryl. Around midnight she fell asleep on my side of the bed – head on my pillow – for 12 minutes. I caught a few winks between head shakes, scratching and gnawing. Finally around 4:00 am  – and let`s be clear: this chick does not do 4 am unless she`s getting on a plane headed for the Carribbean – I loaded the dishwasher. Figured I might as well have been somewhat productive if we were going to be up.

It wasn’t long after that I shone the flashlight in hubs face somewhat by accident – and by sort of I mean fully intentionally – looking for her ear drops. He then got up to take a shift to scratch and sooth Ms. Lois. We were all given some relief when she finally fell alseep.

A couple of hours later we sipped caffeine over the soft sounds of a paw furiously waving up and down behind an ear. We recounted the steps from the day before to try to figure out what trigged the worst allergic reaction to date. And then it hit us: bear crap.

The Beast had devoured a good ole pile of bear sh*t that was next to the trail. Unfortunately we have all been paying for it for more than 24 hours now as sicky sickerson has been tormented by her feast of feces à ours.

it's all about me; rescue dog; allergies in pets; eating bear poop; allergic reaction in dogs; allergic reaction in pets

It’s just after 8:00 pm and for the first time today she is sleeping…on my side of the bed. I’m off to take the toothpicks prying my eyes open out so they can close, on hubs’ side of the bed of course. Like I’m going to disturb her. He can sleep in the doghouse. Don’t worry, he’s used to it.

Moral? You don’t have to hear a bear crap in the woods to know it smells. The Beast’s breath says it all.


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4 Responses

  1. Miss Edie the Pug

    Oh poor thing!
    I feel for the “Beast”, my humom feels for the humom 😉
    We both hope Ms Lois feels better soon and you all get some much needed rest.

    1. Thanks Edie! Ms. Lois is on a new food that seems to be helping. Well, not when she eats bear pop but overall. For the first time in almost the year she has been with us she’s stopped gnawing her paws. Yay!!

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