Text from Dani: “Just heard:::::CT scan is clean!!!”

Instantly a weight is lifted. I call Dani to make sure what I’m reading is true. It’s not long before we are both in tears – of relief. She is cancer free. CANCER FUCKEN FREE!!! 

Like friends do, we talk. And talk. And talk. I’m at work but I don’t care. My bestie is cancer free. I’ll talk as long as she wants. An hour later she has a visitor. “K. Bye.”

Holy sh*t. She’s cancer free. As I committed to doing though, I have to be honest – I’m having a hard time believing it. But it’s only been an hour or so.  And I analyze things out the ying yang so maybe I just need time to process.

I call hubs to tell him. His voice is more convinced than I am. What the hell is wrong with me? Why don’t I believe it? 

It doesn’t matter if I believe it or not right now, she’s cancer fucken free!!!! 

Text to Dani: “Soooo, what are we doing to celebrate?”


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