Big C Knockout

Dear Bestie,

Fighter: a person who does not easily admit defeat in spite of difficulties or opposition. This is you. It always has been. And this last year you proved that losing is not an option.

One year ago today the Big C was announced as your opponent. It was vicious. It was looking for a knock-out. But it didn’t know who it was up against.

It didn’t know that the woman in the other corner was ready to kick the effing shit out of it. That she had the strength and courage of an entire army. That she wasn’t willing to back down no matter how hard the punches were.

It didn’t know that she had a family. That those little dukers (and big one too) were all the motivation she needed to fight back – fight harder – after every blow was delivered.

It didn’t know that she had a team. An entourage of cornermen supporting her every step of the way.

And here you are today, one year later, raising your arms in victory. You delivered the final punch. A knockout.

Bestie, you have taught me to never give up; to fight for what I believe in; that life is too short to sweat the small things; to not wait for the storm to pass but to dance in the rain. For all of these gifts, I thank you.

I luvs ya with all my heart. Muwah!


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Dani days after being diagnosed with breast cancer


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  1. What a great “knockout” anniversary!! Definitely an anniversary to celebrate! Such great news. Your friend sounds like an amazing lady…just like you, Sarah 🙂

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