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Burn Your Bra For Bev

For the last number of years I have had the privilege of attending “Burn Your Bra for Bev” – an absolutely amazing event that supports a different cause each year. It’s one of those events the entire community gets behind and unless you have a table or a friend or family member who has a table already, you ain’t getting in. Six hundred woman attend the event with another 600 on the waiting list. No joke.

I’ve been super fortunate as one of my oldest (and by that I mean length of our friendship – we’ve been friends since Grade 6) girlfriends, Cindy Sue, has a table. A colour theme is picked based on the charity and people decorate their tables and themselves around the colour. This year was extra special as Dani joined us for the first time.

The colour them was “multi” so we went got all hippy-ish. I had a quite retro outfit picked and was ready to go. As Dani hates driving at night, and the event is about 25 minutes from our houses, I picked her up. When I pulled in there was a little surprise waiting for me … a skin tight, colourful disco outfit. Classy.

At first I resisted. No way was I wearing that. It wasn’t long before I gave in. You see, cancer makes you do things you NEVER would. It brings you out of your element sometimes as you’re just trying to make the patient happy. So tonight, I decided to let my guard down and make her happy.

Only for you my friend …

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breast cancer blog; best friends support; burn your bra for bev; pakenham


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