Cancer: Standing Still or Flying By

It’s been 10 months since Dani was finally diagnosed. In some ways it seems like only yesterday. In others, eons.

Before hearing the words “I’m cancer free” it felt like time stood still. Literally. Minutes were hours. Days were years. I never knew what day it was they were so blurred together.  Miraculously I made it to work on the days I was scheduled when I wasn’t with Dani. Things were blurry then. It felt like there was no end in sight. 

But now … now it’s hard to believe that it was just 10 months ago I sat in her kitchen hearing the words “I have breast cancer” wondering when I was going to wake-up from the nightmare. What’s even harder to believe is that in just 10 short months she has undergone major surgery to remove both of her breasts, 3 rounds of chemo, 25 radiation treatments, mammogram, 2 CT scans, 2 bone scans, MRI, biopsies, ultrasounds, too many doctor’s appointments and consultations to count, 2 blood transfusions and white blood cell injections. And those are just the things I can remember. 

I am flooded with emotion right now. It is painful to think about everything my bestie has gone through. But I am also escalated with joy. She fought and she fought hard. She is by far the strongest woman I know. And I am proud to be in her corner through time. 


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