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Capturing the little moments

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Growing up I didn’t have a secret diary that I hid within the cut-out pages of the dictionary, duct taped to the top of my desk drawer. But that’s where I would have hidden it all MacGyver-like. Cause I was cool like that. Sort of.

Looking back I wish I would have kept some sort of journal to capture those little moments. I’d love to go back and read the entries now; relive some of those memories.

I refuse to say that was a long time ago as after all, I’m 28 and holding. What? A girl can dream, can’t she? Put it this way: kids still used pencils and wrote on paper, we processed film and had big bangs back then. Capturing those little moments looks very different these days.

it's all about me; one day app; big hair; grade 8 grad; walter zadow public school

Whooaaa, livin’ on a prayer!

Technology has changed the game in the way we do just about everything including how we communicate and capture memories. My parents didn’t have a video camera when I was growing up but if they did, the films would probably be duct taped together in an attempt to make movie with different scenes. Yup, I come by my MacGyver skills quite naturally.

Cameras, including video, are now accessible to just about everyone given the explosion of smart phones. There are apps like OneDay that allow you to create professional, short movies that capture those innocent, or if you’re kids are anything like I was, not so innocent, moments.

Here’s the really cool part: the themes and questions aren’t just for kids. There are story lines for us big kids too. While I’m not sure I’d be ready to give up all of the scoop on things like my college days – do as I say, not as I do – they are essentially a storybook of life. You can record little videos on just about anything: from describing what your childhood was like, to the grandparents to who some of your biggest influences have been to date.

Source of happiness and confidence

I am in love with our neighbour’s 8 and 11 year old girls. They are the sweetest, kindest littles ever. I want to wrap their innocence in a bubble and protect them from the world.

When I hung out with them the other night I thought it would be fun to record some videos. I handed over the iPad and gave them control. And by control I mean I selected the “about you” story line and they controlled the camera. Again, no college exposé on a school night.

Ms. M didn’t need the tutorial. Little poophead. She just picked up the iPad and away we went. The questions she asked made me really reflect on who I am as an individual. More importantly I realized the answers I was providing, while still true to me, had the potential to influence this young woman. I wanted her to know the importance of being confident and appreciating what you have around you; that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Lights. Camera. Action.

The possibilities with the OneDay app are endless. From creating time capsules for your kids to video journals to send to family overseas to having a wee check-in without it turning into an interrogation it is incredibly versatile.

We had so many giggles playing with the app that we’re planning a movie star night. We’ll be the G-rated version of the Kardashians.

There are a number of things that this A-typer loves about the OneDay app. First, the video you create is done in a structured way. The hardest part is making it through the simple instructions. From there you don’t have to invest any more brain power. Zilch. You just pick the questions you want to ask from a wide selection of fun themes, turn the camera on the kiddos or yourself and bam! record the magic as it happens.

Choose the theme

Choose the theme



Ms. M and Jaybird’s mom immediately downloaded the app. She’s a teacher and saw the benefits of using it in the classroom, complementing the existing curriculum. Some of the story lines have kids, well, just be kids. Silly and crazy. something they don’t always get to do. Others challenge them to reflect on what they’ve learned in school like “why is the sun so much brighter than the moon” or “why do humans not have tails”.

Download the OneDay app from iTunes for your iPhone or iPad and start capturing those little moments of both you and your kids. Don’t worry, it’s not like film where you have to take it in to get processed anymore. Oh no, there’s a magic delete button incase your bangs are out of control.

Bonus footage

As an added bonus, I’ve teamed up with a rockin’ group of bloggers and we, along with OneDay, are offering YOU a chance to win a $150 gift card to Amazon! I know, we’re awesome that way. Make sure you scroll down and at a minimum enter your name and babble in the comments section. For bonus entries share this giveaway with your friends and family so they can enter too. Cause who doesn’t want extra chances to win an Amazon gift card?!

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Disclosure:  I received compensation for writing about the One Day app, but clearly it did not come with an executive producer; only a junior video assistant. And if you actually watch the video, then you may find out how old I really am but even with all the flattery you give on how good I look for *that* age, it won’t impact the outcome of the contest as I’m not the administrator.


58 Responses

  1. I hope that my kids will treat others the way that they want to be treated. With kindness, compassion, empathy and generosity.

    P.S. You look so young and amazing and have the best hair. As for your video, you look good in that too. So, did I win!?

  2. Jourdain Sanders

    Remember that there are always going to be people in this world that want to others feel like they don’t belong but they are just looking for someone to help them feel like they belong. They are hurting just like you but you can take your hurt and make something good out of it and help people rather than hurting them.

  3. Tracy

    I have a child who is being bullied -and I want so badly for her to know that “this to shall pass”. It will, it gets better. I also want the child who is the bully because her parents are in the middle of a terrible divorce to know that “this to shall pass” it gets better. For both these amazing girls, “this to shall pass”.

  4. Lynn R

    always put yourself in the other person’s shoes before you say something that could hurt another person’s feelings – how would you like that treatment?

  5. Kim Heintz

    A huge one for me is “treat others the way that you want to be treated”. My parents used to tell me that often and I think it’s a wonderful motto to live by.

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