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Did someone say cookies? | Clean eating update

It’s been just over two weeks since I made the conscious decision to fuel my body with whole foods versus filling it with crap. While I wasn’t chowing down on Big Macs every day I was having a passionate love affair with chips and a Pepsi. That would normally be appetizer as it was quickly followed by another bag of chips and whatever sweets I could find in my CEO’s office. In the short time since calling things off, I have learned a lot about my relationship with food and my willpower.

At the first sign of being overwhelmed I have found myself lusting for that salty deliciousness and flirting with the vending machine. I am an emotional eater. Chips were my quick fix. And like bees to honey, a Pepsi was needed to wash the salt off my tongue.

This week has been filled with pressures and deadlines. It’s what I thrive on, however, I don’t have that crutch to support me like I used to. It’s also been filled with cookies. Freakin’ cookies everywhere. It seems every meeting has a cookies and tea theme to them – and I’ve been in a lot of meeting these days. To get through I’ve been packing lots of snacks in my lunch bag. Yes, I now own a lunch bag. I’m eating 5 – 6 times per day which I know is what all the literature tells you to do but I never thought I would be that person.

Miraculously I have stuck to the plan. I honestly had no idea the willpower that was living within me. Every night the Skor bar sitting in my pantry and I have a face-off. The stats are in my favour right now at +18. The only real cheat I’ve had is when I unconsciously took a sip of hubs’ fountain Pepsi.

I was pretty confident that after 3.4 hours I would have thrown in the towel. But more and more each day I simply feel better. So much so I’ve become a member of the #EarlyRisers club.

Yup, that’s right. <pats self on back> I am willingly rising before the sun. Even The Beast has no idea what the heck is going on. In some ways I feel I have been given a gift – the gift of time. I have bonus hours in my day that I longed for. This extra energy comes with a price. I’m already a hyper person who suffers from the squirrel effect. This new spark has perpetuated it x 10000000000. I feel like the I could be the 8th member of the Justice League – Speed Babbler.

Now where’s my cape?

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4 Responses

  1. Isn’t it amazing what a few little changes can do to a person?

    Good for you!!

    Chiptonite is my ultimate “must flee the scene” craptastic carb and you are so right about the sweet chaser. Nailed it!

    It’s way easier to avoid these things than it is to feel like hammered poo while partaking in them.

    I say “easier” not lightly. It’s damn hard, but I am doing it anyway!

    You go!

  2. CanadianMomEh

    I totally get what you mean here. While my own battle with chips and freaking cookies everywhere hasn’t been quite as epic as the one you describe here, I’m in the midst of a less public yet internally angst filled journey to eating betterdom. Unfortunately I too suffer from the Chiptonite affliction.

    1. I know. It’s hard to believe Heather Lynne but it is true. You can ask anyone who knows me – I am not a morning person. My bestie incorporated it into her speech at my wedding that’s how bad it is. Four mornings in a row this week I was up at 5:39. Not only that I made it through the day with energy.

      Some slight lifestyle adjustments and bam! Look at me go 🙂 Happy to answer any questions you may have.


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