Closure Begins

it's all about me; breast cancer; closure; reconstruction surgery
Dani & I at the 10th Annual
Burn Your Bra For Bev fundraiser

Today, almost two years to the day, my bestie is in surgery again. May 25, 2012 she had both of her breasts removed. This time it is to begin the reconstruction process. It has been a long two years but this part of the journey should start to bring closure to the Big C.

We know there’s a special angel looking over her. At our high school graduation our world lost a special person. Today would have been our friend Trisha’s 37th birthday. This day two years ago a purple flower that had never budded before bloomed in Dani’s garden. A sign letting us know she was there. Purple also happened to be Trisha’s favourite colour.
I started my day today with the same words to my bestie as two years ago: luvs ya sista.


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