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Confessions of an underwear addict

Some women like to buy shoes; others purses. Some of my friends have make-up rooms drawers that would put MAC to shame. My vice? Underwear.

I read today that women own 34 pairs of underwear on average. But who likes to be average right? I mean, I’m no Carrie from Sex and the City prancing around my house in lace cheekies and a man’s dress shirt but I do like me some cute undies.

So tonight I decided to count them. Well, the clean ones at least. Based on the number of underwear I have, I can go 3 months without doing laundry. Yup. Stuffed in my drawers are 73 pairs.

I am an undieholic.

it's all about me; undies; undies obsessed; underwear obsession; lingerie; lingerie obsession; types of women's undiesIn an office environment, it’s sometimes hard to express yourself through clothing. You can only spice up a suit so much. But a bright coloured lingerie set under those conservative clothes and bam! Instant happiness. Plus my lady parts look good.

Something as simple as undies can make you feel sexy. Comfortable. Confident and in control. Putting on a great pair of underwear is like wearing a great outfit – they make you feel like you’re ready to rock it!

No style is missing from my collection. Here are my favourite types that every woman should have at least one – if not six – pairs of in her drawer.

Undies every woman should own

Boy briefs – A sexy, feminine version of the classic men’s brief. They generally have a seem mimicking a fly and soft elastic waistband.

Thongs – They look super sexy and can be worn with almost anything – tight jeans, pants, skirts, dresses – as they show no lines.

Cheekies – As the name suggests, just a little bit of cheek is revealed while still being comfortable and providing coverage. They’re fun and flirty.

String Bikini – Every day meets sassy. These undies have an ultra-low-rise waist and flattering high cut legs making them ultra-feminine.

Not sure where to shop? I’m obsessed with Aerie these days. They use real women in their ads and don’t touch up their photos. Finally a company who sees women as women – and not as angels.


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2 Responses

  1. I agree with the selection of undies you mentioned should be part of your undie collection. It is handy to have different ones for different outfits.

    For me, I also like having fun socks to add to my outfits, especially if in an office environment where, as you mentioned, it is hard to express yourself.

    I also want to start collecting scarves as they are a fun fashionable item to have to add punch to an outfit!

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