Does nobody like DINKs??

Skimming over my blog reading list it dawned on me: most of the authors are mommies. Not the flesh-eating zombie kind (mind you according to their posts they feel like it some days minus the flesh-eating part) but the female-person-whose-egg-unites-with-a-sperm-resulting-in-the-conception-of-a-child kind. Seriously, that’s definition 1b of “mother” in the Free Dictionary.

The headlines offer reviews of their family vacations over the holidays and children’s books, DIY crafts and menu ideas, along with other shit. Yes. Shit.

Now before ya go getting all “who the fuck does she think she is” hear me out. I love moms. I have enormous respect for them whether they’re SAHM or full-time working mommies. If this journey through breast cancer with my bestie and helping out with her boys has taught me anything, it’s that momma-ing ain’t easy!

It’s just that some of my favourite blogs have turned into corporate marketing spaces. The voices have changed. They have lost much of that personalization that once left me craving and shifted to monetization. And *shocker* – all of the reviews of these products are faboosh. Well no fucken shit. Not sure how much I would be complaining about free stuff.

But it also made me realize something else: nobody likes DINKs. Most blogs – no matter who’s voice they’re written in – are family oriented. Are there no Double Income No Kiddies (Yet) bloggers?

This takes me down yet another path – cause that’s the way hammie works. Squirrel!! What companies, other than Sandals, target DINKYs?? I google it. And guess what? Not many. I find some sites where you can meet other DINKYs aka drop-your-keys-in-a-bowl-at-the-door so ya, not really my style.

I can’t say I’ve been a part of the blogosphere for long. Two weeks since hitting publish. But I’ll tell ya, in this day of self-entitlement, I’ve already promoted myself to Kick-Ass. So, if any company out there wants to target DINKYs feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to take your free shit.


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    1. Hey Catherine – not sure how many people would turn down free stuff these days 😉 If you did receive products, would you be open to writing reviews on it giving your honest opinion? Just curious.

  1. You have the best balance of honesty and hilarity Sarah, I seriously think you’re awesome. I am totally guilty of the getting free shit and posting about it. When I started blogging, it was during my pregnancy, after 2 years and fertility treatments, it had all been soooo serious and writing in journals just wasn’t cutting it for me. I honestly never thought anyone would ever read my blog and who the hell would want to send me free stuff? I was contacted through Instagram by a very big company and they sent me a $1000 stroller and a $300 playard, and all they wanted me to do was organically post about them on IG and my blog. I was as honest as possible, and definitely did point out some of the cons (there are a few), but when someone sends you something so big, it’s hard! I felt like I needed to use it more than I wanted to (we have another stroller). Lately since I hit the big 10k on Instagram SO MANY people have been messaging me asking to send me things, jewelery, headbands for Ellia and I have actually been saying no. I don’t like the pressure of having to post about something I don’t like and I am trying to keep my blog as true as possible. I did get an amazing blanket that I WAS going to purchase a couple weeks ago, and I really do love it, so it was easy to post that. Also my best friend is a DINK because she isn’t ready to have children and some days I do miss their life, it’s all so different, but wonderful with a baby 😉 Anyways, I have written a short story on your post, sorry about that :/ Let’s have that wine soon, please.

  2. I’ve been blogging for five years this month. At this point I do say no to a lot of stuff and only yes to those I know I will love, so it’s easy to write those positive posts. That being said, I do miss just writing for the sake of writing sometimes. I may have started my blog as a space to write, but my little space has grown and changed and so have I 🙂

    1. Happy blogoversary Stephanie!

      I completely appreciate your perspective. If we didn’t grow then we aren’t challenging ourselves to reach our potential. One of the things I love about the blogosphere is it is so personal. You get out of it what you put into it and have full control of your content. In what other sector or environment can you get that?

  3. There are lots of bloggers out there who don’t hdve kids who make a decent living out of it! Usually fashion, food or decor bloggers but it the content is good, kids or no kids, there is the potential to make money. 🙂

    1. You’re absolutely right my friend, it’s all about the content. Maybe I just haven’t come across the DINKY blogs that have piqued my interest enough to draw me back in. If you have any recommendations, I’ll take ’em sista!

      That being said, I still there

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