Green, dirty thumb

Believe it or not this princess likes to get down and dirty. Literally. There is something liberating about it. I do it every day.
I haven’t always had a green thumb. There is absolutely no greenery in my house. On the inside I can’t keep anything alive. But outdoors is a whole other story. You could say I come by it naturally: my mom is a gardener (if anyone in the Ottawa area is looking for one, she’s available!). Hey, I gotta plug my mama! For years she designed and maintained the gardens at the Calabogie Highlands Golf Club (click link to view her work) before going out on her own. So I guess it’s in my blood.
Surprisingly gardening has become the most relaxing part of my day. While it is an enormous amount of work to keep the flowers watered, weeded & wonderful, I wouldn’t trade it. It’s also the one time in my day when I am 100% disconnected from the rest of the world.
There’s also something about gittin’ dirt under your nails. Remember, I’m from the valley! It takes me back to being a kid: digging in the sand with no worries in the world. Showing up home to a good hose down before being allowed in the house.
it's all about me; gardening
Gittin’ dirty!
It’s only been a couple of years of having a grown up garden. And by that I mean something other than weeds. I am certainly not a maven. Yet. I still text my mom with questions almost every day. Is it too late to split the grasses? What can I do to get my weigela to grow? When should I prune my shrubs?
My gardens are my happy place. My tranquility. There is something very peaceful about being surrounded by nature’s beauty. I have a perennial garden at the front of the house, a rock garden at the back and 12 planters around the yard.
it's all about me; gardening
Everyday I discover something new. Whether a new flower has bloomed a rich shade or a small creature buzzing, it’s all wondrous. This year we have an abundance of dragonflies. Why is this so fantastic? Because they are a natural predator to mosquitoes! We have actually been able to enjoy the backyard this year sans-swatting.
it's all about me; dragonfly; gardening
Lots of these guys in our backyard
Bees love the Russian Sage.
The neighbours joke that I spend so much time in my gardens I must be watching the flowers grow. They’re just jealous they’re yards don’t look like this.
So, do you have a green, dirty thumb?

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  1. I live in a condo so don’t really have the opportunity for that…but I know from experience that I am HORRIBLE at anything to do with gardening…other than watering the plants. Whenever my parents leave town…that’s my job. Water their plants daily 🙂

    It all looks wonderful…hope to see it live one day 😉


  2. Woah, that is one gorgeous garden! I hadn’t realized you are in Ottawa. My mom is actually looking for someone to tend to her new garden – just quite basic stuff. Please do shoot me an email of your mom does little jobs too. 🙂

  3. WOW! You are very talented. I want to be like you someday. This year has been so busy, that we haven’t ventured past mowing the lawn and pulling weeds. I need to buy some hanging baskets full of flowers. Any recommendations on where to buy?

    1. Hey Stella – having a gardening mama certainly helps. It’s a lot of work but I really enjoy it.

      If you’re looking for healthy planters try the Parkdale Market or Brantim Country Garden Centre http://brantim.com/. I’ve heard good things about both. I’ve always made my own so these recommendations are from others.

      Regardless of where you buy them, you’ll want to ensure that the container is big enough for the amount of roots. They’ll need to be watered every day.

      Happy gardening.


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