Happy Canada Day

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have written a post. Lots has transpired.

After trying to be Superwoman, I hit a wall. I got sick the last week of June. Nothing serious – just a cold. But it was enough where I couldn’t be around Dani or the boys. There was one day in particular when I felt like I had let Dani down.

On Friday, June 29 Dani headed to Sandbanks with the famjam camping for the weekend. Your friend is going through chemotherapy and is going camping you ask? Don’t worry. I asked myself the exact same question but kept Barbara’s words in the back of my head – don’t give your opinion, just support.

Dani, however, had consulted her oncologist and he told her she was good to go. Take the necessary precautions while there (stay out of sun, don’t overdo it, blah, blah, blah) and enjoy the time with your friends and family she was told.

A couple of weeks before going she gave all of her “Walkers4Knockers” a small token of her appreciation. At 6:00 pm on Canada Day we raised our drinks, cheersed our friend and reflected.

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I sat in the backyard thinking about her journey – our journey. I was trying to process that this was still really happening. I thought about the number of people who came together to make sure Dani and her family had everything they needed to get through this. Making sure that the boys’ routine was as normal as possible. Ensuring that meals were prepared so they didn’t have to worry about groceries. Scribing at every doctor’s appointment so they could revel in the emotion and they would still have clear notes/instructions when they walked out. It was quite extraordinary.

I also went to another place though. I was frustrated. While I was helping my bestie fight the fight of her life, my own corner man was missing. While my hubs was physically present I wasn’t feeling supported the way I needed to be. I was somewhat in this on my own. It was devastating. But for now, I don’t have time to do anything about it. My bestie needs me.


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