In your honour bestie

I have a slight obsession with twitter. It’s more like a love affair. I probably pay more attention to it than I do my husband some days.

And it’s because of this obsession that I just signed up for the 5km at Ottawa Race Weekend. Holy sh*t, did I seriously just do that??? On January 1 a couple of the girls I follow committed to the 10km as part of their resolutions (cough cough @crystal_lou_who and @ErinBlaskie). So what did I do? Open my big, freakin’ mouth.

As I looked into it, something occurred to me: the 5km is on May 25 – the one year anniversary of Dani’s surgery. I’m in! Holy sh*t, what did I just do?

Why did it take me another two days to register then? Because I couldn’t decide between the 5 and 10km. I went back and forth with hubs on this. He was the rational one and we decided to run the 5km together.

So, on May 25, 2013, I will participate in my first race in 20 years and run in my bestie’s honour. What will I wear you ask? Pink of course.

Here’s to you my friend. Luvs ya. 

Can you please make sure there’s a defibrillator at the end please??  I’m gasping already.


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