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Made with love

This Christmas I received one of the most special gifts: a headband and infinity scarf. What makes them so special? They were made with love.

My brother is 11 years {gulp} my junior. While I have only met his girlfriend, who is he smitten with, a couple of times she was brave enough to spend Christmas with us. We had a blast and it felt like she has been a part of our family for a long time. It may have something to do with the fact that she rubbed it in the boys’ face when we kicked their asses playing Taboo as much as I did. {psssst – she’s a keeper Batty}

When we opened gifts the next morning there was a simple yet very pretty brown bag with hand-painted holly on it addressed to me. I was beyond touched to find a hand-knit headband and infinity scarf from the bro’s ladylove. The colours she chose are vibrant and simply beautiful.

I’m pretty sure this is the first hand-made gift I have received. I say “pretty sure” as I killed a lot of brain cells in high school so my memory is sketch at the best of times so there may have been others. This one, however, is one I will remember as it’s too perfect to forget.
it's all about me; made with love; handmade gift; handmade christmas gift; homemade christmas gift; knittingWhile frost quakes and polar vortexes have become common verbage where we live, I’m keeping warm with all the love.

Did you receive something with special meaning this year?


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