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There’s magic in creating

I love to babble. This space is my soapbox where I get to tell all sorts of stories. I love the challenge of writing. It pushes me to be creative allowing me to express myself in ways I may not otherwise be able.

Blogging has been one of the most enriching experiences. It has been a powerful way to connect with people from all over the world. One of the greatest rewards of writing is getting a notice that someone has commented on a post. It makes me smile. It motivates me to write better. To write more. When people take the time to read what I write it inspires me.

The best part of writing is I get to be myself. I write because I love to story tell. I love growth and this space helps me do that – both personally and professionally. My creative spirit is alive with the click-clacking of keys. The incoherent thoughts in my head are reworked into clear stories. Well, clear in my own mind at least.

Writing makes my heart sing. I am able to creatively express whatever it is feeling in that moment. Or at least jot those thoughts down in my very sophisticated editorial calendar.

it's all about me; love of writing; love hate relationship; editorial calendar; why i blogWhile I strive for perfection in everything I do – that’s the A-type speaking – I’ve learned that a story will never be perfect. I will always come up with a wittier line or better way of describing something. What I don’t do is let that hold me back. Never hold back. My stories represent me. I am not perfect. And I never will be because if I deem myself to be perfect then I have stopped learning and growing as an individual.

This year I plan to create magic every day. It may not always be expressed in a post but I plan to unleash my creativity and have fun. Thank you for reading my babble and being on this journey with me.



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  1. Gosh I can connect with this on so many levels! I’ve blogged about my struggle with perfection when I realized it was making blogging hard on me. Nothing can ever be perfect.

    And I love blogging! My post scheduled for tomorrow says it again and again!

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