Merry (Freakin’) Christmas

Earlier this week my bestie was induced into menopause. Yup. There’s a drug for that. So at just 35, she’s going through “the change.” 

This is a preventative treatment. Dani’s cancer is hormone receptor positive – or estrogen based. To reduce the risk of it re-occurring, they want to stop the production of estrogen. 

She received an injection on Monday which will last for 3 months. This trial will allow her body to essentially test menopause. Because she has been through so much, her doctor’s want to see how she will respond instead of going straight to surgery where there is no turning back.

Eventually they will remove the ovaries. We’re not sure at this point whether a full hysterectomy or an ovariectomy is required. Regardless, it sucks.

For her, having kiddos already makes the surgery a little easier to accept. I can’t imagine it. First you take my boobs and now you want to take my operating system? I’m hoping it’s just the stress of the holidays that has me feeling like Negative Nellie these days. But seriously. Menopause? Could you put her through anything else?

Mrs. Crusty-Claus


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