Out of the closet

Well, I finally did it. Six hundred and forty two days after my first post (even though I never actually hit “publish” until well, just now) I sent my bestie this blog. It’s not that I was hiding it from her, it’s just there never seemed to be a good time. The *right* time. I knew if I put it off any longer that it would never happen. I would always be a closet blogger.

So I did. Out of the blue I texted her asking if she remembered me talking about blogging our journey not long after she was diagnosed. “No.” She blames chemo brain. I blame you-had-cancer-and-was-going-through-fucken-hell-and-didn’t-have-the-capacity-to-remember-all-of-my-ramblings.

After I hit send I anxiously awaited her response. Last week Verkhoyansk, Russia was sending their exiles to Ottawa as punishment because it’s been colder here. Needless to say, it was a day or so before she was able to read My Bestie’s Boobies as she was pulling her hair out trying to entertain the kids.

“OMG Sarah. I just started reading it…I’m laughing…I’m crying…I love u more than ever (if that’s possible and I have a big idea for us 🙂 “

And bam! There ya go. Couldn’t have asked for a better re…wait a second. Wha?? Pause.

“Here’s my crazy idea…we collaborate on my book. Be OUR book…”

Chapter 1 – What the eff just happened here?


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