Pantone 313C Monday

Yesterday was “Blue Monday” – deemed to be the most depressing day of the year. The energy of the holidays has passed, we’re back to the daily grind, bills are coming in and it’s cold (essentially those are the components of the scientific formula. No, seriously, there’s a formula.) Like hurt-your-teeth-if-you-open-your-mouth-outside cold. Polar Vortex versus Sharknado.

The media is ladened with depressing images. But this girl? This girl was dancing. Literally. Smells Like Teen Spirit was blasting in my head and I was rockin’ out to it. #90skids. Doldrums did not exist for me yesterday.

Pantone 313C: a happy shade of blue

To start, I was invited to participate in a senior management meeting. While many yawn at just the thought of it, as a middle manager being invited to sit around a table and strategize with the President & CEO and leadership team of our organization totally jives me. It was inspiring and intimidating all at once. Did I contribute much? No. But I was present. And most importantly, reinvigorated.

Next, I was asked to be a regular contributor to a blog that will be launching in #Ottawa. Me? Seriously? To say I was honoured was an understatement. I freaked out!! My first milestone as a blogger. And only a few weeks after hitting publish?? Yippee!! Pretty sure I mentioned something about #KickAss in my last post, yes?

Not 38 seconds after that a company who I pitched just the day before emailed to say how excited they were to work with me. ME. Shut the front f*cken door. By this point I’m Dancing on the Ceiling 😉

The best part of my already faboosh day? Dinner with my besties. We’ve been trying for a couple of months to get us all together. Our last scheduled dinner was right after my heart was shattered by the unexpected passing of the #suckhole. Needless to say it was cancelled. Even though my cowgirl and salt-of-the-earth-chikita couldn’t make it anymore, Dani, Stacy and I still got together.

As we laughed, consoled, gave advice and talked nonsense, I reflected. It was this time last year when we were celebrating my cancer-superhero. A year had passed since hearing “I’m cancer free” but tonight, for the first time, I felt respite. She had done it. She kicked its ass. I didn’t feel like cancer was looming over us like it had. It just felt normal again.

Bob Marley was right. “Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing IS gonna be alright.”   


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