All day today my nerves have been shot. I am so worried about my bestie that I didn’t know whether to just get in the truck or stay put. Helpless I tell you. Yes, we texted but Dani can be pretty good at putting a face on sometimes. Doesn’t always ask for something when she should.

I finally get a chance to talk to her. I learn that she’s been catching up her trash tv, is making friends with the nurses (which probably means she’s persuaded them to get her ketchup chips and red wine) and is being careful not to spill her drink on the doilies. Yes, lace doilies. Like in your grandmother’s house. Apparently the Picton hospital is, well, quaint shall we say.

I learn that there is a room at the General here in Ottawa available as of Thursday.

“Awesome. How are you getting here?”

“I think my dad and Linda are coming to get me.”

“You think or they are?” (remember planner versus it’ll all work out)

“No, pretty sure they are.”

Sweet geezus this woman is going to send me over the edge. Keep it together. Dani asks if I want to go with them. As much as I would like to I decide she needs some time with her dad and step-mom.


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