Round 1

Today was the first round of chemo. She handled it like a champ. Her appointment was scheduled for late afternoon. My role: keep children alive.

Get to the house and receive my usual “love me love love ” greeting from Rudy (she’s their 11 year old black lab). Once I actually make it past the front door I’m surprised: there is a relative calmness to the house really. The boys are watching TV. James is trying to get them to the table (but that’s normal) and Dani is getting ready.

What did I think would be different? I guess I expected a nervous energy. Gawd knows I had it! But things were just, well, normal. At least on the outside.

Not long after Dani & Jamers give their hugs & kisses to the boys, go through the checklist once more and they’re off. I’ve spent a lot of time with Poot & Gar lately so I know the routine. Poot will challenge me on finishing his dinner, telling me what he “always” has for dessert (mom’s know what this means), washing his hands after peeing, etc. And Gar? well GarBear will have a shitty diaper. Seriously. Never fails. That kid stockpiles for when I’m there.

We finish dinner before going outside for a few minutes. It’s a beautiful evening. Sidewalk chalk for Gar. Bike for Poot. It’s one of those calm, quiet evenings. It’s not long after we’re back inside watching TV when I get a text, “want anything from subway?”

WTF?? They’re on their way home and Dani is hungry. Alrighty then, apparently this chemo thing is easy peasy.

I run the bath and plunk the boys in. Two minutes later Dani & James walk in the door. Two minutes after that GarBear shits in the tub. Told ya, stockpiles.

After getting their PJs on and sterilizing the bathroom (gagging my through this) I head out to chat with Dani get the deets.

Overall things went well. When they first started she had to ask them to stop. Had a bit of a panick attack watching the cocktail come down the IV lines. Nothing half an Ativan couldn’t fix! No side effects yet – just hungry. Again, all is normal.

I’m feeling a huge sense of relief. Deep down I know this can change very quickly but for now I’ll take it. Chemo affects every single person differently. It can be a few days before the real side effects kick in.

But for now, Round 1 is in the books.


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