Swing batter batter

These days the pitcher of life has been throwing me nothing but curve balls. After last night’s, I’ve put myself on the DL (<– stands for disabled list for all the people who aren’t forced to watch hours upon hours of sports).

I have been driving for a long time. No, I won’t tell you how long at the risk of aging me as I’m quite content in my fantasy world of 28 years young and holding. I learned to drive on a 1992 Silverado 1500 Series. There, that’s as close to an age reference as you’ll get.

For the last number of years I have been on the road a minimum of 100 km per day and that’s just to get me to my passion. I’ve always been a confident driver. You have to be when you’re on a 400 series highway every day. I keep my distance between vehicles, always check my blind spot and know what lane to be moving in.

Last year we started shopping for a new vehicle for hubs. In the midst of our “looking” the dealership somehow convinced me to trade in my little truck. I had a 2005 Saturn Vue, manual transmission savage. I loved it! Because it was a stick I always had full control. I ploughed through snow drifted roads like a monster truck. Don’t get me wrong, I had regular calf cramps in traffic from riding the clutch but the truck was amazing on gas.I sat nice and high. Most importantly, I felt safe.

The day I picked up my Chevy Equinox I cried. I had an attachment to my ol’ girl and wasn’t ready to let go. With the two trucks beside each other, it was like my new, shiny toy was Lightening McQueen when he got all cocky in the movie Cars and my Vue was Mater, a little rusty but faithful. I have a soft spot for rust. I digress.

Even though I’ve been driving my Equinox for 18 months, I never felt 100% comfortable in it. I was always finding something wrong with it.

That was until last night.

Renewed confidence

Exactly 3 kilometres from my home, I was rear ended. I was at a stop light on a rural road where the speed limit is 80 km per hour. As I waited for the light to turn, I was slammed into. Hit from behind.

First off, I’m OK. My neighbour gave me some pretty amazing little blue pills that once I find out what they are I’ll be buying them in bulk. As I’m a little hyper-sensitive when it comes to my back I had things checked out. Turns out the impact caused a disk to slip in my neck that is causing shooting pain in my lower back. Prescribed massage from shirtless, chiseled cowboys wearing white Smithbilt Hats should have things fixed up in no time. (OK, so maybe my doctor didn’t exactly prescribe the cowboy bit but I’d pay extra for that!) It’s my emotions that took the biggest hit as I had meltdown like a 3 year-old.

The noise was louder than the actual damage; at least to my vehicle. Hers’? Well, bet she’s wishing she was driving something that didn’t crumple like an accordion. The car that hit me basically ended up under my Equinox. There are some scratches on my bumper but nothing that can’t be buffed out (says the mechanic with no experience) and a cracked piece that can hopefully be easily replaced. I’ll be taking Xena (that’s her new name after she was all stealth-warrior-princessy and protected me last night) to the dealership to make sure there is no damage to everything under the bumper like back-up cameras, etc.

it's all about me; chevy equinox; #chevydrive; safe

All that to say I now 105.6% feel confident in my Equinox. Xena was put to the test last night and passed with top marks. She was a warrior. She fought for me and kept me safe.

Disabled list

While I may be on the disabled list today, it’s not a bad thing. I’ve spent the morning being taken care of by the beast. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in the line-up soon hitting these curve balls out of the park.

it's all about me; chevy equinox; accident; #chevydrive

Header photo credit: John Morgan


I took my truck to Myers Kanata Chev Buick GMC in Kanata where I bought it just to ensure there was no structural damage. Derek Whittle, Service Advisor, provided excellent care. He has worked at this location as long as my vehicles have been serviced there and always provided fantastic service. This experience was no exception.

He did more than look at my truck. He took the time to assure me everything was sound; that I had no reason to be concerned.

Kudos to the entire team Chevy Team.


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  1. I’ve been on the DL for years, and sadly there have been no shirtless cowboys, or Sven’s to massage me, maybe you will have more luck. I’m glad you are not severely injured, but do take care of that neck, slipped disks are very painful (I have three in my neck, if you need some insight).

  2. Trena

    Glad to hear you are okay. The Equinox is an amazing vehicle. I will not let your age out but learning to drive with a 1980’s pick-up truck was fun!

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