it's all about me; shame; allergies

Shaming the beast: seasonal allergies

It has come to this: shaming the beast. I do it not out of amusement but out of sanity.

it's all about me; shame; allergies

Ms. Lois’ allergies are driving us all bonkers. Since rescuing her, we have been dealing with food allergies. She was itchy-sratchy all of the time. We were able to get them under control by putting her on a succulent protein-modified diet and warning the neighbours that if they fed her even the slightest morsel of anything, I would hide bags of poop in their homes. Unfortunately I have no defence against Mother Nature.

Within days here in the Centre of the Universe we have gone from soaking up the rays to freezing our tatas off. There was no gradual transition to fall. The leaves are falling off trees green, from shock. Mother Nature, however, is futile against ragweed.

While we haven’t gone as far as allergy testing the beast yet, there’s no way she’s not allergic to weeds. Between her toes are all red and inflamed. She is beyond uncomfortable as she’s gnawing at them every minute of the day, even the ungodly hours. The licking was at its worst last night. And that was after a knock-out dose of Benadryl.

So today I resorted to shaming her. She hates me as much as I hate the gnawing. I am at a loss of what else to do as Aurizon and Benadryl seem to be ineffective. Our vet had suggested steroids but they are so hard on the innards that I’m reluctant to go there. Yet.

I need help. And sleep. Do you have any suggestions on how to combat seasonal allergies in the beast, keeping in mind we’re also dealing with food allergies?