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The sugar twitch | A clean eating update

Last Monday I broke up with sugar and processed foods to go clean. While I may only be 28 years young (as a matter of fact I will celebrate my 28th birthday again this year thank you very much) it needed to happen. What this also meant was if hubs ever wanted to eat again then he was embarking on this journey with me. Unless of course the cooking fairies magically showed up to sprinkle him with gourmet dust. Needless to say he’s eating differently too.

We’ve been on this path for almost a week. I’m not going to lie: it hasn’t been an easy lifestyle adjustment. I wanted to give you a quick update on what I’ve learned so far. I’m also hoping that by sharing our journey in public way will help me stay on track. I need all the strength I can get right now. {twitch}

What I’ve learned so far

Sugar is the legal version of crack. I didn’t realize how addicted to it I was until giving it up cold turkey. Walking past the Christmas treats around the office the first couple of days back from vacation would queue Pavlov’s dogs and I would drool like a Saint Bernard. Towards the end of the first day I couldn’t actually focus I was craving a Pepsi and bag of chips so badly. By day 3 a dull headache set in and I’ve had it since.

Hubs is on day 6 without a Coke and this is HUGE for him. He had a headache for one day. I’m pretty sure he’s drank a carton of orange juice a day. The acid is still better than sugar.

I ate a lot of crap. Like a LOT. Up until now I’ve been living on vanilla lattes, salt & vinegar chips and pre-made chicken & rice dinners from Farm Boy. That was as close to a home-made meal as it got. I’ll spare you the details of what this transition has meant to my digestive system. All you need to know is it ain’t pretty.

This type of lifestyle is work. While eating clean isn’t difficult in itself, keeping up with the demands of having freshly prepared foods is. I am trying to meal plan, be one day ahead with dinners and prepare breakfasts and lunches the night before (we both work full-time) but holy! I don’t leave the kitchen.

Clean eating is expensive; especially in an off season. Because it calls for lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables along with other healthy foods, we’re going through things like mad. I found myself at the grocery store almost every night.

This is only the beginning. There is lots for me to learn on this journey. I am trying to incorporate different practices into our everyday. My intent is to follow through on this plan for 21 days – the same amount of time they say it takes to break a habit. Hopefully I will have lost the bad and adopted the new by then.

The good thing about clean eating is it’s a pretty loose plan. So tonight I took a break from the kitchen and ordered pizza. It had chicken, green peppers and red onions on it. That sort of followed the rules, yes?

If you have any tips for me I would love to hear them. Leave a comment below. I could use all of the encouragement I can get right now. {twitch}

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  1. Wow good luck. I gave up sugar 4 years ago – it lasted 3 weeks. After the third day I was so sick I went to my doctor. I was having sugar withdrawal symptoms. I am a very weak person when it comes to sugar. I crave it terribly. I have been reading up and it sounds like something in me is craving it and I am feeding this yeast or something. I’d like to stop again. Maybe I shall try now. Thanks

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