The power of social media

My morning routine: begrudgingly roll over as hubs springs out of bed. Prop my eyes open with toothpicks. Grab my phone. Scroll through social media eyes glazed, skipping ads and stupid bitstrips.

This morning was different though. My attention was drawn to a post right away. In fact, it was the first feed in my Facebook  and was well, about me?! The post doesn’t name me directly but the description did. It was what I needed this morning.

I have been very open and public about the passing of our furbabe and the toll it has taken on my heart. While this individual and I are not close, it touched me. It brought tears to my eyes because it’s another person who understands the grieving one goes through when loosing their best friend. It showed me that you do not have to talk to someone every single day for people to care. It proved that there are still individuals out there who actually give a damn about others. Most importantly, it warmed my heart. It was like a smile from a stranger.

The post reminded me that while Maddie is not physically here with me today, she is in my heart. And always will be. Her love will always be there.

So Angela, thank you. My day has been made thanks to your concern for others.


(written while tears are flowing)

Original post can be found here.

I have been thinking a lot lately about a friend that lost her furbaby. We are not close friends and most likely could name a maximum of five things that we know about each other’s lives now. Yet we share the special and eternal love of our dog. People may think, “Why is this such a big deal? It’s just a dog.” These are the people that have never had that bond. It is NOT just a dog. It’s is a child with fur. They love, and feel love, snuggle and get excited. They like sneaking treats while watching movies on a Saturday night, giving you the “Feel sorry for me” eyes while you eat dinner. They are not just in your home, they become your home. So my friend grieve as long as you need to, shed as many tears as it takes to free your heart, and know that your baby watches over you knowing how much love she had, still has, and will forever be a piece of you. May your heart heal in time and your home find peace with her memories.
 The day new love found its way into my heart

ps – watch out Angela: I’m coming after you in Candy Crush!!! lol


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