The Scar Project

Just because someone is “cancer free” doesn’t mean it ever goes away. It’s only been a couple of weeks but somehow I let myself start to believe we could soon put this behind us.  Until I had a stark reminder.

My bestie sent me a text while I was driving home tonight. “Google scar project.” 

Slap. I am instantly reminded that this will never go away. Just because you hear the words “cancer free”, she will wear the battle scars that will remind her every day of this journey. 

The images are are raw yet stunning. The beauty is incredible. They are some of the most powerful images I have ever seen. I found myself looking in the women’s eyes and at their faces that told a story more than I did of the scars themselves.

After going through the website, I asked Dani if she would do this. “Sure.” Of course she would. Because she is strong and brave and has her own story to tell.



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