The Smile Project

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verb (used without object), smiled, smil·ing
1. form one’s features into a pleased, kind, or amused expression, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed.

It’s March. The time of year when the snow thins and blades of grass start to poke through. When kids pull out their bikes and run home with jackets tied around their waists. When the sun fills the air with warmth and you cruise around with the sunroof open, tunes cranked just a little louder. At least, that’s what normally happens in March.

This year, however, there has been snow on the ground for almost half of the year with more in the forecast. Even as a skier this rots me to the core. Kids are lucky to find their way anywhere as they can barely see around the layers bundling them. The temperatures are somewhere between arctic and polar vortex and we’re lucky if the car warms up before we even hit our destination. It’s official: hell has frozen over. Literally.

Since Mother Nature isn’t willing to warm up the air, I’m putting out a challenge to warm someone’s spirit. Make a difference in someone’s day through a smile, one of the most powerful gestures there is. A smile can not only have a positive impact on others but it can also brighten your own mood. Something as simple as a smile can warm a heart, put a person at ease and make you happier.

There is only one rule to the Smile Project: consciously smile at someone daily. Take an extra couple of seconds at the drive-thru and smile after thanking the person on the other side of the window. Smile at a stranger while passing them on the street. Pause in the middle of dinner and smile at your partner. Just smile. Whenever and wherever. It’s that simple. A smile invites a smile and maybe together we can ignite a chain reaction.


 a smile, one of the most powerful gestures there is
I’m smiling at you!

So tell me, who did you smile at today?


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  1. Anonymous

    I love your positivity, have you ever considered writing a book on being positive you are very good at it and many of us could use the inspiration.

  2. I always tell people to smile more. It’s like you took this post right out of my brain :). I always make the effort – it costs me nothing and you never know whose day you’ll make and how much of a difference you CAN make 🙂

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