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The undomestic wife

My house is a write-off. When you open the door, whirlwinds of dog hair tumble across the floor. I can’t tell you the last time I cooked and you can no longer see the spare bed over the 8 loads of clean laundry plunked on it. I’ve resorted to buying skivvies so I don’t have to add another clean load to the pile.

Our life is like a tornado spinning out of control these days. Hubs and I have entered our busiest seasons in both our paid and unpaid jobs. We send each other meeting requests so we know who’s on beast-duty. If we’re lucky we might catch some zzzzz’s in the same bed together for more than a 5 hour stretch, assuming we’re in the same city.

it's all about me; lampe berger; air purifier; diffuser;

Throw a weekly visit to the fertility clinic into the funnel and you’ve got a multiple vortex!

This twister of life is spinning so badly I haven’t been to a mall in months. Well, except for that time I went to get my eyebrows done and that doesn’t count. Nor does the time I raced through it to buy the Hunter Boots that were on sale that I needed in case it rained at the best little fair in Canada. That was essential shopping.

The other night I finally took a few minutes to slow down. I’ve had this beautiful Lampe Berger sitting in my living room for weeks. I lit it and took some time to reflect.

it's all about me; lampe berger; air purifier;

As crazy as this cyclone has been I wouldn’t change it. We’re doing amazing things at work and helping to change lives. I attended my first BlissDomCA – a national blogger and social media conference. I ran my first CIBC Run for the Cure in honour of my bestie.

While looking back on the last few weeks, I found peace. It may have been the sweet smell of cherries that had me in a state of quietude. When I went up to bed I realized my Lampe Berger had drifted up to the second floor. It was light and refreshing without being overpowering. The next morning I woke up to the faintest fruit scent through the entire house. It was blissful.

Then I actually read about the benefits of Lampe Berger. Yes, there are perks other than it’s stye. Bonus, right? Instead of those aerosol sprays that just mask odour and make you gag, Lampe Berger removes nasty pollutants and purifies the air. While I’m not going to profess to understand the science behind it (if you’re reading this Mr. Moore, I should have never dropped your grade 11 chemistry class), it says:

Thanks to its exclusive burner, the Lampe Berger purifies and perfumes the air indoors, like no other system. In fact, the diffusion by catalysis, perfected over the years by Lampe Berger, actually destroys the molecules responsible for undesirable smells.

Apparently I just needed a little air cleanse to find some peace. It even has the beast’s approval.

it's all about me; lampe berger

With the craziness of the holiday season upon us, a Lampe Berger would make the perfect hostess gift. Find a retailer close to you.

Connect with Lampe Berger by visiting them on the web, Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to the fab people over at Lampe Berger for my beautiful lamp. Can’t wait to enjoy it some more.


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