What I Do Best

Shopping. It’s what I do. And I tend to do it well. Too well according to hubs sometimes.  Sheesh, I’ve saved us tons of money thanks to my bargain shopping.

I’ve been shopping a lot lately. There’s something about wandering aimlessly through a mall. It’s a bit of an escape almost. I get lost in the hunt for a good deal. And people watching. I could sit on a bench with a coffee and people watch all day.

This week’s shopping was different though. I’ve been searching for a gift for my bestie.  Something that says “it’s gonna be OK. We’re gonna be OK.” The type of gift you don’t find at your every five and dime. 

I turned to Etsy and there I found GracieAndMeDesign and fell in love instantly. As soon as I read “gracie & me creates meaningful, hand stamped jewelry, which is destined to become a treasured keepsake” I knew come I had found who I would work with.

I reached out and explained why I was looking for a piece. “Barbara” responded almost immediately.  Her note brought me to tears. I had reached out to Barbara on her anniversary. Four years earlier Barbara had been diagnosed with breast cancer and is now in remission. Everything happens for a reason.

Designing this necklace with Barbara became even more special. Because she was a survivor herself, she knew the importance of this gift. It took a few messages back and forth but we finally had the perfect necklace. We decided on the following:

  • Small, round sterling silver disc with a “D” engraved for Dani
  • Dangle of 4 birthstones to honour her family
  • Pink pearl as “pink” is Poot’s favourite colour
  • An angel wing so she knows they are always wrapped around her
  • Sterling silver pendant with “fighter” engraved on it

I am so excited I can barely contain myself. Barbara has been amazing to work with. I felt comfortable asking her for some advice as it is so hard to come by. “What was the one thing you needed most from your friends and family?” This is what Barbara told me:

“Just be there for your friend, and treat her like normal. Talk to her about normal things! She is still herself – she’s just got this tornado going on around her.   And more than anything, just support her in her decisions. It’s so hard to make decisions and then have everyone question you, or tell you what you should do, or about a news program.
And love her. :)”
So, starting today, I will bite my tongue. It will no doubt be swollen in no time but that’s OK. Because Dani needs to know she is supported.


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