it's all about me; clean eating; breaking up with chips; fresh start; healthy eating; healthy lifestyle; whole eating

You’re dumped

Every day at 2:20 pm I cheated on my husband. In the beginning it was just once a week or so. It wasn’t long before I was sneaking off every other day. The love affair was so passionate that it started happening every day, sometimes twice a day. So today I called it off.

I broke up with chips.

it's all about me; clean eating; breaking up with chips; fresh start; healthy eating; healthy lifestyle; whole eating

The last few months have been incredibly busy for hubs and I. The fall brings a new season, a campaign, conferences, events and volunteering. Throw in a little romance with the interwebs and you’ve got a recipe for dial-a-meal. To top it off I had two weeks off over Christmas and my meals consisted of mom’s shortbreads, vanilla lattés, bacon and chips and dip. It was onion dip so I at least had all 4 food groups covered.

So why scrub the slate clean today? It was too cliché to do it January 1. Plus I’m back to work today and not taunted by my pantry; just the salt and vinegar chips that I ate every day out of vending machine.

In all seriousness though, the holidays made me realize the crap I was inhaling and just how blegh I felt. I was happier to chow down on a bag of chips than eat the left-over turkey and stuffing smothered in gravy that was in my fridge. I caught myself in front of our full length mirror on the way to the shower and wondered if that was what I would look like 4 months pregnant. I was that bloated. That’s when the decision was made: I needed to break-up with the chips and invest the time in my temple.

Starting today also allowed me to prepare. For a week I bought fresh foods and sliced and diced a little each day. I made soups and cooked chicken breast that are now individually packaged in the freezer ready to grab. I also needed to slowly detox, cutting back on the sweets, so I wouldn’t have to enter a methadone program.

For the next 21 days – because that’s how long they say it takes to form a habit and this is one I want – I am going to attempt to eat clean. What the hell does that mean? It means little to no processed/packaged foods and getting back-to-basics. Like eating fruits and vegetables other than the pineapple and onions that come on a Hawaiian pizza. It’s about nourishing the body and fuelling it with nutritious, wholesome foods.

Eating clean is not a diet. You don’t count calories or substitute meals for shakes but rather consume more of the healthiest foods available. Here’s what I ate and drank today:

  • Green tea
  • 1/2 cup of yogurt filled with blueberries
  • A whole banana coated in peanut butter
  • A whole what pita with 1 1/2 tablespoons of garlic hummus
  • 1 1/2 cups of sliced peppers (yellow, green, red & orange)
  • 1/4 cucumber with salt & pepper
  • Two chicken & vegetable fajitas (about 3/4 of a breast of chicken)
  • 3 glasses of water

This morning went shockingly OK. I kept my new insulated, funky lunch bag at my desk so food was readily available. At exactly 2:20 my craving for chips slammed into me like a runaway car. While I shoved peppers in my mouth hoping the crunchiness would be comparable, I started to twitch. Literally. I went for a walk. That’s when I was suddenly aware of the chocolate throughout the office. I salivated. So I headed for the water cooler which sucked big ones in comparison to the deliciousness taunting me.

I managed to resist the office temptations today. The drive home was filled with cravings of the leftover Christmas goodies. When I walked in the door I went straight for them…and threw them out. As I did, my favourite SNL skit popped in my head. I’ll leave you with it as I head off to make lunch for tomorrow.



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  1. Oh my gosh, that is my favourite SNL skit too! And good for you for giving up the chips. A lot of people are eating clean or doing Whole 30 it seems. I really should get brave and give one a try.

  2. Julie / @Flip_4

    That’s fantastic Sarah!! So proud of you :-). Keep it up!!!

    Not sure I have the will to do that just now…but Happy to say I’m coke/Pepsi free for 10 months now.

    Gotta work on everything else now 😉

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