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Ain’t no time for horsefeathers

You may know that I have a slight obsession with heavy horses. And by slight I mean that I’m surprised no hitches have reported a crazy blonde chick stalking following them around every weekend throughout the summer.

I love these gentle giants so much that I may have purchased an extra week of holidays at a fundraising auction at work. I needed to ensure I have enough time off next year to take in one of the biggest horse events in the world. Wha??? It was for charity! The 2015 World Clydesdale Show is taking place in London, Ontario next September and I’ll be trading in my stilettos and gettin’ my cowgirl on.

In just over 300 days (the counter on their website told me) more than 600 Clydesdales will land in Canada from around the world. What’s a Clydesdale you ask? Picture the Budweiser horse team. Enough said. For five straight days London will erupt with the thunderous roar of hooves as breeders show off their mares, geldings and stallions.

it's all about me; 2015 world clydesdale show; clydesdale horses; london, ontario; mares; geldings; stallions;

Mark the 2015 World Clydesdale Show on your calendar

The World Clydesdale Show is kind of like the Olympics: it only happens every 4 years. It’s been 16 years since it was last in Canada. This event will be like the gold medal game of men’s hockey at the Vancouver Olympics; no one will ever forget Crosby’s overtime goal.

It will be a show for young and old alike. You’ll be able to get up close to this magnificent breed of horses while touring the barns before taking in the demonstrations and competitions. There will be lots of other exciting entertainment as well. I may have heard a rumour that the Budweiser team will be there. But don’t quote me; I don’t want to be known as a gossiper. Oh, and there will be shopping. And food. Mmmmmm. Donuts. They better have those mini-donuts. Squirrel!

Still not sure what it’s all about? Here’s a video I put together of the McLaughlin Clydesdale Hitch of Haley Station this year. See, I told you I was a bit of a stalker fan.

What you need to know

Dates: Tuesday, September 29 – Saturday, October 3, 2015

Where: London, ON, Canada

Venue: Western Fair District

For more information including a draft schedule, sponsorship and accommodations, visit their website.

ps – for those looking to get me a little sumpin sumpin for Chirstmas, contributions to the “send Sarah to the big horse show” fund are greatly appreciated. While I know I have enough vacation days for this trip, I haven’t exactly figured out where the budget is coming from yet. Minor detail.


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