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Co-pilot down

Gas? Check. Windshield washer fluid? Check. Oil? Check. CAA card? Check. Tunes? Check. Ready for take off.

Tonight we made the 4+ hour trek from our home in the Centre of the Universe to Toronto. Usually hubs is in the pilot seat but he stayed home for a wild bachelor weekend. And by wild I mean hockey, football and video games. Living the dream I tell ya.

My plan was to leave by 2:00 pm so we weren’t driving by the dashboard lights. We pulled out of the garage at 5:00 pm. If you’re surprised you shouldn’t be – me leaving for anything on time is nothing short of a miracle. It’s hubs’ fault. No, really. I used to be Ms. 15-Minutes-Early until I met him.

I was happy to have some company with me on the King’s Highway, especially at night. It’s a long, straight stretch of pretty much, well, nothing. Just black concrete, transports and a few road side stops.

When we set out someone was super excited to be heading to see Grams and Pops. Because who else will get up to play with you at 3:00 am?! It wasn’t long before the excitement wore off and boredom sat in. Unfortunately it wasn’t long before my co-pilot was down for the count.

it's all about me; rescue dog; dog is my co-pilot; co-pilotIt’s a good thing she’s cute!


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  1. I remember these long drives, but they are worse at night! I’m glad that you had the tunes to keep you company since your co-piloit, sweetly, checked out. I hope you had fun while you were in T. O.!

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