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Forever in our hearts

One year ago today our hearts ached. The pain crippled me for days and tears flowed for weeks. Unexpectedly our princess was gone.

Never had I felt such emptiness. While I had lived through the loss of family and friends this was different; a difference only animal lovers could understand. The energy was gone. There was no one to greet me at the door everyday spinning with excitement that I was home. The paw-batting, hand nudging, looks of pity (even though she was treated like the princess she was), and begging for food were all gone. I went through a whole new set of firsts, just like I had when we first brought the #suckhole home.

I didn’t know what today would bring. In the days leading up I tried to imagine how I would react. Would I remember? Would the same tears flow as a year ago? Would I resent the beast who joined our little family this year?

A year ago I did not think I would be able to turn the page of this chapter. Today my heart is at peace. I am grateful we could give her a wonderful life and for the happiness she brought into ours.

Think of you every day princess.

it's all about me; losing a pet; #suckhole; heartache


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