Just a couple of girls

Who are we? Dani and I have been friends for what feels like forever. Our friendship goes back to high school. More than 20 years. We grew up in small town Arnprior just west of Ottawa. Population: 7,500.

If you are from a small town the dynamics will likely sound familiar: two elementary schools –  1 public; 1 Catholic. Even though the buildings are side-by-side, the public school kids don’t interact with the Catholic school kids. It is an unwritten rule.

Dani went to the Catholic school and I the public. Needless to say, we didn’t hang out in elementary school. Oh no. You don’t even look at someone from the “other” school.

In grade 9, however, that all changed. The playing field was leveled. We entered a whole new territory: high school. We met at cross-country practice. It was a bit of a rivalry at first as we both had/have a competitive side. Guards were soon let down and friendships were formed. A lasting friendship. 

The type of friendship where you know the other better than you know yourself. The one where there are no secrets because there is no judgment. The brutally honest type where you can give it to each other straight up. The type where you just know: know when the other person needs to laugh or cry or talk or dance in the middle of the living room and you do it all with them. You lose track of time because you never run out of things to talk about. The type where you don’t know what you would do without that person. 

Twenty plus years later we still live not far from each other. We have grown together over the years. Matured even. Well, not really but we can pretend. Find any excuse to celebrate. Have similar tastes and have both been known to sniff out a deal. Buy something full price? Pfft!

Dani herself is the type of woman I aspire to be. She’s career driven while being able to balance life; I work way too much. She’s an amazing mom to two young boys; just a four-legged princess here. Quick-witted; serious. Leads a healthy life-style; can I get that to go please? She was blessed with long legs and a great ass; I got the boobs. See why it works?

breast cancer blog best friends
Just a couple of girls.

When I got engaged there was no question in my mind who I wanted to stand next to me.  However I was asking alot and didn’t want her to feel pressured. At the time Dani was five months pregnant and Baby #2 was due only 6 weeks before my wedding. But really, who else would I ask?

Just as she has stood by my side through everything, I will walk every step of this journey with her. Whether she likes it or not. We are both stubborn that way.

Until I go through the archives, here’s a few pics of the two of us – exactly one year to the day of hearing the words “has anyone talked to you about cancer?”  (my wedding was March 18, 2011 – the same day Dani went to a walk-in clinic a year later)

breast cancer blog best friends
There have been a lot of hugs over the years…
breast cancer blog best friends support


…and tears…
breast cancer blog best friends support
…and laughs…
breast cancer blog best friends support
…and most importantly we stand by each other.

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