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Lois & Clark – minus the Clark

December 13, 2013 was one of the worst days of my life. Hubs & I had taken our beloved furbabe to the vet and completely unexpectedly did not return with her. My heart ached and did so for weeks. At the time I vowed not to get another pooch until at least after summer. I needed to heal. And I also needed to have a semi-clean house again.

Fast forward to the end of January. Hubs & I are eating breakfast at the island in our kitchen on a Sunday. With a smirk on his face he sheepishly tells me he was on the Humane Society website on Saturday. I laughed out loud throwing my head back so not to look at him. I responded excitedly, “me too”!

What did I take from this 33 second interaction? I was given the green light to find our new furbabe. OK, so he may not have said those exact words but it was implied. Sort of. Well, he was looking too ya know.

It didn’t take long to find Lois. She was available through Hopeful Hearts – a non-profit dog rescue in Ottawa. Given what we had been through, we met Lois a few times to make sure she was a good fit. Needless to say Lois found her way into our hearts and came home on Friday.

rescue dog; hopeful hearts
On the drive home

The first two hours were spent roaming the house. She’s a curious girl and sniffed every inch of it. After a late dinner we went outside for a play where she met the neighbour’s Vizla, Rufus. Bam! Instant friends.

doggie kisses; rescue dog; hopeful hearts
Kisses for her new daddy

An hour past my usual 10:00 pm lights-out time, we went up to bed. Or at least that’s what I thought we were doing. Lois had different plans. At midnight I took her for a quick walk. Then she chewed on some bones. Then delirium set in pour moi. Where the eff was the off button on this thing? Somewhere around 4:30 am I crawled upstairs where she enthusiastically bound behind me. Hubs took over. He walked her before getting two hours sleep made possible by sleeping at the front door with Lois by his side. By 7:30 am they were back out walking again.

Saturday consisted of a big paw-date with Rufus. My mom came down to meet her new grand-daughter. Keep in mind we’re DINKYs so at this point she’ll take whatever she can get for grand-kiddos. By late afternoon Lois started to crash. As much as I worried this power nap would be just enough to recharge the Energizer, I welcomed the break.

By ten we were wiped and ALL went to bed. Miraculously she slept. At 5:15 am Sunday morning I got the wake-up call. Sweet geezus! Clearly she doesn’t know my sleeping patterns yet. It was a new day and Lois was ready to show us she was here to stay. She was eager to show me her new toys. She also knew that Canada was about to take on Sweden in the men’s Olympic finals and was ready to watch the game with dad. That’s when I snuck back to bed.

During regular business hours on Sunday we had another big play with Rufus and met the three dogs across the street. Ms. Jordyn, our 7 year old neighbour who was equally sad about the passing of Maddie, came to meet Lois. She brought the sweetest, homemade card for us.

rescue dog;hopeful hearts
Best.Friends.Eva! Homemade cards from the Wallaces and Jaybird

We’ve decided that Lois is an Australian Shepherd (originally Hopeful Hearts thought she was a Bernese Mountain Dog/Great Pyrenees). As we don’t know her birthday, we’ll celebrate it on February 21 – the day we brought her home. She’s a sweet, sweet girl who just wants to be loved. We are her third family in as many months. But not to worry, we’re the last one.

rescue dog; hopeful hearts
 She came with this collar. You can see the breast cancer ribbons. It was a sign.
breast cancer ribbon collar; rescue dog; hopeful hearts
This is where her head was most of the weekend:
rescue dog; hopeful hearts
“Guys, I love it here”
rescue dog; hopeful hearts
“C’mon guys. Let’s go for a walk in the bush.”
rescue dog; hopeful hearts
 Paw-date with her new BFF, Rufus
best friends; rescue dog; hopeful hearts
 “I’m so seepy”
rescue dog; hopeful hearts
Who rescued whom?
true love; rescue dog; hopeful hearts
We know Maddie would be happy.
You can follow our adventures with Lois on Twitter. I’m @MrsARob and will be
using #RobLo for everything Lois.

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