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New found happiness

This little world of mine these days is all new to me. New relationship. New littles. New lifestyle. New friends. New job. New community. New happiness. New. New. New.

For some, all of these “news” may sound overwhelming. I get it – I basically did an overhaul of everything tangible in my life. I mean really, who packs, unpacks, purges and repacks x3 in just over a year, right??

Was I ready for all of the newness? I don’t know if anyone can ever say with complete confidence “I’m ready” when it comes to change. Isn’t there always that little voice that goes, “are you sure?” But what I did know was in order for me to shine again, I needed to do things differently. I needed something other than the status quo.

I took a chance.

That chance led me to a new found happiness. I didn’t know it was possible for my heart to be so full; infused with love. If I had to title the next chapter of my life it would be Triple B, heartily named after the three who have stolen my heart. And for context: Their last name starts with a B.

it's all about me; triple b; pana-len percheron; pana-len farm; bourbonnais; family; draft horses;

Triple B + Willy

B1 is the Babe. He is the one who starts my day by making me smile and ends it with an even bigger one. He’s made forehead kisses underrated and it possible for two adults to sleep in a double bed comfortably.

B2 is the oldest little dude. He has the most gentle soul. We joke that he’s 11 going on 70 when he requests “a hearty bowl of soup for lunch” while breaking from his barn chores. He has started his own Simmental herd and takes on more responsibility than any Gen Zer I know. Oh, and filmed his first YouTube video the other day so if ya wouldn’t mind taking a wee peek below, that would be amazingly awesome.

There is never a dull moment with B3. Like evvvvvverrrrrrr. He’s the littlest dude. At 8 years old we already have a hard time keeping up with his one-liners and zingers. His next adventure? American Ninja Warrior. Training starts on Monday.

These are my top three reasons to always be my best.


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