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Family homestead renovation

This won’t surprise anyone who knows me: I somehow manage to fill my life with chaos. Organized chaos but pandemonium nonetheless. Why would I want downtime, right?

Before I go any farther, a bit of context:

The Babe’s parents, Madeline and Paul, celebrated their love on September 9, 1972. A few years later they brought the man who makes my heart smile every day into the world.

In 1981 Madeline’s father Leonard rented a plot of farm land just outside of Metcalfe, ON. His passion for agriculture saw him open a hobby farm. There he raised purebred Percherons, donkeys – a LOT of donkeys –  and other small animals.

It was during these years that Len instilled his love for animals, specifically Percherons, to the Babe. He taught him everything there was to know about draft horses – from caring to showing.

Paul and Madeline purchased their own farm in 1988. As a tribute to her father while recognizing the farm’s location on Pana Road, Pana-Len Percherons was formed.

it's all about me; triple b; pana-len percheron; pana-len farm; bourbonnais; family; draft horses; happiness; this is us; love; panalenreno; renovation

Here’s where the mayhem comes in: On Monday, the Babe’s parents moved in with us and interior demolition started on Pana-Len Farm. I can hear y’all chuckling while shaking your head at the same time from here ya know! For the next two-and-a-half months we will be one big, happy, dysFUNctional, family.

Sometime in April normalcy will resume as WE MOVE INTO THE FARMHOUSE! That’s right peeps – Triple B and I are moving to the farm!

We are beyond excited to carry on the family homestead. The renovation will see our new home transformed into a fresh, open-concept space with a blend of chic and traditional finishings.

Soak in these pics of the original farmhouse now because in a few months you won’t recognize it!

This is happening

This little project of ours was to start in the spring. In other words we had lots of time to bring our vision together. Of course in my world a plan just wouldn’t be a plan without a wrench (pun intended).

We hired S&N Construction to take on our project with the objective of keeping the modernization on-track. Between Christmas and the new year we met with Scott and Nick. They were booking up and wanted to start now. Ya, that was my reaction too.

The Babe and I decided ‘we can do this’ and spent a magical New Year’s Eve at Home Depot looking for ideas. Believe it or not we essentially designed the entire house that night. Flooring. Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Appliances. Plumbing. Tiles. Basically all of our project needs we found in one shopping trip.

That week we worked with Blair, the Tenth Line Home Depot Assistant Store Manager, Saul in kitchen & bath, Bart in appliances and Michael in flooring. ONE WEEK people and we had our entire renovation finalized with amazing help from these fine gentlemen. I can’t thank them enough for the exceptional customer service and service they have provided.

So, if you’re looking for something to do over the next couple of months, feel free to help me with my sanity and pop by with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. I’ll be here working on the #panalenreno.


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  1. Andree LaRose

    I am so happy to read you my beautiful friend. Oh yes, and I am not surprised to see that you have taken on a not so small renovation project. More power to you xo

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