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Pretty things make me happy: dresses from Rent Frock Repeat

Winter has been tough this year. I know, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. Just needed to state the obvious. Sheesh. Don’t jump down my throat. Polar vortex and snow squalls have become common language to us Canucks.
rent frock repeat

On Friday, however, I had a chance to escape all of it. For the last couple of years I have admired the pretty dresses on Rent Frock Repeat. Haven’t heard of such thing you say? Well, let me tell you ladies – you need to check them out.  It’s one of the most brilliant concepts in fashion.

Rent Frock Repeat carries thousand of designer dresses that, wait for it, YOU RENT. How utterly amazing is that?? Translation: more money for shoes!!!

There are a gazillion different events in Ottawa. If you’re like me you dread receiving invitations cause let’s face it, it means buying ANOTHER dress that will lay crumpled in a ball hang in your closest after wearing it once. C’mon, we all know you don’t want to be seen wearing the same dress twice. Rent Frock Repeat solves this problem for you. They have hundreds of one-of-a-kind designer dresses that will complement anybody style, eliminating the stress of wondering “will anyone else be wearing this?” And they ship straight to your door so you don’t waste your precious time scouring the city trying to find the “good-enough” dress.

When I heard Rent Frock Repeat was setting up a pop-up shop in Ottawa where you could actually try on their dresses, I was giddy with excitement. On Friday I spent an hour with Lisa and Kristy, the co-founders, and a lovely young lady who’s name slips me at my private appointment. They were set up in a modern, little cabin just across the Champlain Bridge.

I arrived a few minutes late, I know, *shocker* but was still greeted with hugs and offerings of wine. When you’ve had a love affair with the twitterverse like I have, you have virtual bffs. And hey, they offered me wine! We immediately got started. I had completed my online profile before going which includes a “wishlist” (dresses that you like). They had a number of these pretty frocks already pulled. My excitement level went through the roof as the dresses were even more gorgeous in person.

rent frock repeatAs no dress is complete without shoes, I brought a couple of pairs with me *cough cough*. And I’m so glad I did. I was able to change the entire look but switching up the shoes which allowed me to see the versatility of the dresses.

Within an hour I tried on 7 different frocks. Each time I came out the girls oohed and awed. They really did make me feel like a princess. But they were honest at the same time. When one didn’t hit in the right spot or wasn’t quite right, they told me. When I saw something I wasn’t quite sure of, they told me how others had responded.

At the end of our time together they updated my profile with notes. It includes all of the dresses that worked for me with a few words like “not for your upcoming event, but a really lovely dress on you!” or “We did not have this in your size for you to try on today. Your perfect size would be XXX”.

All this to say ladies is you really must get over to Rent Frock Repeat. It’s an hour of pampering and feeling red carpet glamorous. I’m booking another appointment it was so kickass. This may be just the March Makeover you need to get you through until spring!

To book an appointment with Rent Frock Repeat at their Ottawa Popup Shop, click here. I’ve got another appointment booked already 🙂

Here are my favourite looks from my private fitting:

Disclaimer: after tweeting & writing about my experience, Rent Frock Repeat offered me a complimentary dress rental. As always, all thoughts, statements and opinions are my own.


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  1. Oh I love that little black dress. You look beautiful in all of them. I have one of those dresses that I bought for a wedding a few years ago, it sits in my closet because there just isn’t anywhere else to where it.

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