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Sens Soirée: Celebrating Sochi

Last night the Ottawa Senators Foundation hosted their annual #SensSoirée. It is their largest fundraising event of the year with all of Ottawa’s who’s-who in the room. So of course I was there. Sheesh. Seriously. Don’t you know who I am? Ya, so maybe I was riding on hubs’ coattails, but whatevs?!!

With the torch lit and the countdown to the 2014 Olympics on the theme for the evening was fitting: Sochi. A celebration of not just human excellence but the union of countries. And that’s exactly what the Soirée represents. A community coming together not just to honour our beloved hockey team but to support some of Ottawa’s most vulnerable.

The evening started out less than perfect. In fact, I was completely prepared to stay curled up in my grey sweat pants in front of the fireplace as I figured at least half of the guests would be doing the same. First, the NHL made a last minute schedule change meaning the Sens would now take on the Hurricanes IN Carolina Saturday afternoon. I was convinced they wouldn’t make it back in time. And besides, they were coming back from a long road trip that didn’t end well. Queue awkward conversations.

Not only that, Mother Nature was throwing a temper tantrum worse than any two year old and was making for less than ideal driving conditions. I checked the airport website on our way and declared to hubs that the team would not be making it.

Sens Soiree

The troopers we were (not like we really had a choice) we made it across the city. As we pulled up to the Hilton Lac-Lemay the text came in: the team had landed. Holy sh*t, maybe the night wouldn’t be so bad after all.

It only got better from there. As soon as we walked in the doors there was an amazingly positive vibe. It filled me. Turned my meh mood around. I caught up with people I hadn’t seen in eons. I put on my seamstress hat and averted a girlfriend’s wardrobe malfunction. I talked about Maddie without crying. I was smiling and laughing again.

After a glass of wine or three we were called for dinner. The room.was.spectacular. I was shocked. Breathtakingly elegant. I really wasn’t sure what to expect but the Foundation team #nailedit.

Sens Soiree
Sens Soiree
Each table had an Olympic inspired ice sculpture centrepiece

There was an energy to this event that I haven’t experienced in Ottawa before. It was electrifying. I’m still reveling. We experienced a taste of Russia both in the entertainment and food. Who knew I would love beet borscht? ням

Sens Soiree
Photo Credit: Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/OSHC
Freestyle Photography/OSHC

Following dinner Stuntman Stu started his auction chant. One of the items I was excited to for was an original oil on canvas (30″x40″) painting by local artist Tony Harris entitled “Shinny”. I know, how appropriate at a hockey event, right? It was beautiful. Realistic to the point you didn’t know whether you were gazing out a window overlooking a park or a printed picture. A true Canadiana piece featuring a local landscape and pond hockey. One of those pieces that would suit anyone’s home no matter their taste. There was a buzz about this piece leading up to the event that carried through the evening. Best part? The piece brought in $12,000. TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Sens Soiree Stuntman Stu
Photo Credit: Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/OSHC
Freestyle Photography/OSHC
The room was alive…and it wasn’t just the Stoli. Well, that may have had something to do with it. After what we thought was the end of the auction, Stuntman Stu announced there was a “last minute item up for grabs”. The prize? A meal prepared, in your own home, by Clarke MacArthur, Kyle Turris and Zack Smith. At least I think that’s who was on stage first. Remember, there was wine at this event. And it was very ням.
People.Go.Insane. I mean cray cray. Grown women are screaming. Ahhhh, so what if I was one of them? “Fifteen thousand dollars. Can I get $20,000? How about $25,000?” It’s thrilling.
Marc Methot has now jumped in on the action. Bobby Ryan is next. And then a guest says, “If Erik Karlsson comes, I’ll give you FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS”. And like that, BAM! Erik in his European-too-tight-in-all-the-wrong-but-oh-so-right-places suit jumps on stage.
Sens Players
Photo Credit: Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/OSHC
Freestyle Photography/OSHC
And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, this happens:
Sens Players
That’s right ladies, that’s bad boy Joe Corvo shirtless. And yes, I am at the front of the stage soaking it all in. Someone please get me a napkin to wipe the drool off my chin.
By this point it’s sheer exhilaration in the room. People are on their feet. And not just the middle-aged cougars. Screeches echo the room as the bidding goes past $40,000. I can’t describe the energy as the bid went to $41K then $42K. Going once. Going twice. Forty-three thousand dollars. My fingers can’t keep up right now as a relive the excitement.
The winning bid? FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. Guests roar. It’s jaw-droppingly, mind-blowingly insane. In all of the fundraising events I have been to in Ottawa, never have I seen this. What a high to end on.
As the night winds down, the conversations revolve around the success of the evening. A huge shout-out to the entire team at the Ottawa Senators Foundation and Ottawa Senators Hockey Club – from the management to players to personnel. It was a true union of communities. More than $325,000 was raised for youth mental health & addictions, pediatric healthcare programs, and outdoor community rink construction projects right here in Ottawa. I am absolutely honoured to have been a part of it.
Here are a few other things that made night my night so awesome:
Sens Soiree
Date night with @TheEhRob. We so cute!
Sens Soiree Turris
Hanging with two of the most beautiful souls I know
Sens Soiree Kelli Catana
Finally meeting +Kelli Catana IRL. We’re like BFForeva now 😉
Incorporating Sochi into my attire. Get it?
Best part? Waking up to a vanilla latté this morning. Hubs.Of.The.Year

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