The Story Behind It’s All About Me

Who Is Me?

chair tea round2Sarah is just a girl babbling her way through life at It’s All About Me. Like her favourite wine she is refreshing, zippy, and a little edgy.

What started out as an outlet when her bestie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, writing grew into a passion. She loves connecting with people and igniting emotion.

Sarah has been babbling before she was a missus. Every day after school she would join her grandmother for tea where they would sip from their favourite cups, pinkies up, and jibber jabber. Her love for tea and everything social never waned.

She’s as happy exploring the True North strong and free as she is globetrotting. It doesn’t matter whether the adventure is a staycation or relaxing at an exotic all-inclusive, Sarah always travels on a dime.

Anything kitcheny is her nemesis but unleash her where she can swipe a credit card and BAM! Watch in awe as the shopaholic is unleashed and bargains are sought. Stilettos or cowboy boots, she rocks them both.

Juggling her babe, two bonus humans, 7 Percherons, a few cows, too many to count barn cats, a career, volunteer work and her social calendar, she fits in a cup of babble every now and then.

Oh, and if you haven’t figured it out, it’s all about her.


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More About Me

A good Canadian girl, I am first and foremost a loving partner and bonus human to two amazing little dudes. I believe firmly that everyone has the power to give back. My full-time job is all about making our community a better place for all.

I’ve been called a princess once or a million times before. When “it’s all about me” escaped my lips one day, as it often does, a girlfriend said “now that’s a unique name for a blog”. And so my little space in the interwebs was born.

I create fresh, original content that people enjoy reading. Writing and storytelling are my passions, usually done in a playful and cheeky way that keeps my audience coming back.

My weaknesses, err, addictions are travel, shopping and social media. Being able to combine my passion with the things I love is intoxicating and has allowed me to work with some incredible companies.

I try to balance it all but usually end up losing my sanity along the way.

If you think we may have a connection, I would love to hear from you. Just remember, It’s All About Me.


raison d'etre profileRaison d’être: The Story Behind It’s All About Me

Outlet turned passion.

March 2012. Text from my bestie: can you come over?

Me: is everything OK?

Bestie: no.

Moments later while sitting in her kitchen I learned my best friend had been diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma. In layman’s terms: breast cancer. During the days, weeks and months that followed I needed an outlet. A safe place where I could yell at the top of my lungs thoughts or sob to no end. A place where I could release my frustrations without personally attacking anyone. It was in those days that my little space in the interwebs was born.

In the weeks and months that followed I discovered the “Cancer Support Team For Dummies” did not exist. This meant there was no process map or work structure breakdown to help guide this a-typer either. I had to figure it all out on my own. It was in those days, weeks and months when I decided to write honestly; to maybe help others going through the same, even if it was just one person. It could be a safe place for those looking to validate their own feelings or needing their own outlet.

Over time, my once outlet turned into a passion as I discovered It’s All About Me. Please join me for a cup of babble as I write about travel, retail therapy, life on a hobby farm and other nonsense.